Since the days of the 80's D. Westry has been wowing the public and the world at large with his Amazing Speed Art show. These are some of our favorite Speed Art reviews.

Rashid A.

This is galactically AMAZING, to say the least! Simply OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Jim L.

This man can change the world upside down with his painting!

Susie R.

I think he's actually a magician and pulled that painting out from up his sleeve!

Dylan H.

He's like a mad scientist of painting!

Rick H.

The Flipside of amazing!!!!

Kenneth M.

Smoooooth... as glass!

Carolyn S.

INCREDIBLE! I actually jumped when he turned the canvas over...laughing out loud...LOVED IT!

Rochelle P.

In the beginning I'm like a minute of my life has just been wasted but by the end I'm like WHOA, mind blown!

Antony F.

Wow! Now that's what Art should do to you make you feel something when you view it. Just Amazing!

Carmen C.

Gave me goose bumps...OMG!

Renea M.

Fabulous! I liken this to how the Lord gives us many facets of experiences and only he knows the end from the beginning and often when revealed it is a wonderful masterpiece!

Diana D.

I Thought he was crazy, until he did the flip at the end. My mouth flew open and WOW!! WOW!! Talent, Talent, Talent!!!

Uday Kumar V.

This is the most amazing last second drama!

Jeremy G.

O...........M.................Gosh this guy can really get a painting done in a minute and a half! Seriously, I was having a hard time figuring out what it was until he tricked us and turned the painting right side up. This is TOTALLY AWESOME!

Neil M.

It's like the ending of a great movie with an even better no one saw this coming!

Jabez C.

To be an artist is awesome enough. To be an entertainer on top of that, outrageous!

Stacey B.

OMG!! I am speechless!! WOW!! Amazing!!

Crystal B.

That was so not what I was thinking at first. But it blew my mind at the end. So brilliantly awesome!!!

Sri B.

Wow.........awesome, amazing.......brilliant!!!

Judy D.

My mouth was wide open in shock !!!

Michelle D.

I actually gasped!!

Mohd I.

Best Of The Best! Can anybody paint upside down like him...????. He's really great!

Treena M.

I have Goosebumps!

Matts C.

What a great man he is. Painting a face of a man upside down so fast confused all the audiences, judges and me too. A great salute to him. Highly talented man!

Elizabeth S.

Jaw drop! ...goose-bumps!

Justin H.

He used right and left hand at the same time for the same skill in brush strokes. He is left and right brain able!

Mere M.

I'm Speechless...What can i say but "Wow"...I kept saying what is he painting... what is he painting??? Then next minute. OMG!!!!

Jascinth B.

Wow...I love his flair with it, the most!

Angelia W.

Now can we see the Creator in motion through this Man? I Give Thanks!

Lyndi M.

Wow...tears and goose bumps!

Linda V.

WOW! My mouth also dropped! Could not for the sake of me figure what it was? Awesome! So much respect for his talent!

J. Hill

Wow! Impressive and such showmanship!!

Carlene R.

Amazing doesn't begin to describe him!

Yves D.

No way. I still can't believe my eyes. Wowwwwwwwww!

Buddy H.

If I did not see it, I would have never believed it!

Montez N.

Wow! My jaw is still on the floor!
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